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About Me

My idea with onetoweladay began when my son Lucas died and my ability to concentrate on anything outside  myself was lost. I turned to my creativity and started knitting guest towels according to my great grandmother's recipe. Having creative projects kept me sane in an insane time of my life and was very therapeutic towards my healing process.

I aspire to the slow-living lifestyle and want to use this homepage to sell creations I make myself, as well as treasures I find along my way, browsing through thrift stores and flea markets.

I will use the idea of upcycling for some of my creations, including sustainable products.  I do not, however, plan on mass producing anything, so what is currently available on this site is what I have in stock.

I am open to the idea of custom-making by special request. Please feel free to send me a message through the Contact page

Patricia x

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